The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is Built to Mitigate Crashes

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is a popular and protective full-size passenger vehicle. The 2019 Transit Connect includes a slew of safety features that are designed to protect the health and wellness of drivers and passengers. While the 2019 Transit Connect wagon offers many powerful external features that are designed to mitigate crash forces, it also includes many internal features that can keep passengers and drivers safe if the worst happens. These features include the Safety Canopy System as well as a high-resolution rearview camera.

Even when drivers do their utmost to remain safe on highways, sometimes vehicle accidents do happen. In cases like these, it is essential for passengers within such vehicles to have comprehensive airbag coverage. The 2019 Ford Transit Connect wagon scores high marks in the airbag arena. It brings the proprietary Safety Canopy System into play which is capable of protecting drivers from impact forces on all sides.

This system seats many of its components above the passenger’s heads in a specially placed roof side rail. During crashes, these roof rail mounted bags can deploy downwards in order to protect the headspace of occupants. Working hand-in-hand with the roof mounted airbags are side-mounted airbags and special child rated bags that maintain their inflation levels in order to maximize protection.

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