Ford Ranger and the Tech Features Electrifying Safety

Ford wanted to supercharge what it means to be a safe driver in Lafayette, IN and anywhere else for that matter. We are here to tell you that Ford has definitely taken safety to a new level with its popular midsize truck: the Ford Ranger.

Blind Spot Awareness

Mike Raisor Ford knows how often drivers could put themselves in danger simply because they cannot see if a car is in their blind spot. Ford has taken care of that with BLIS, a system that helps detect objects in your blind spot and warns you if you are making a dangerous lane change.

Anti-Collision Safety

Another thing that is going to revolutionize safety on the streets of our beloved community and around the world is the Ranger's anti-collision system. This system monitors what is in front of you and gets your attention in the nick of time so that you can stop your truck. The system tweaks your breaks, so when you press on them, you get impressive responsiveness.

What did we tell you? Ford has definitely found a few ways to redefine what it means to be a safe driver, and all you need to do is take a test drive to feel that level of safety.

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