Design Features That Make the Ford Focus RS Special

We, at Mike Raisor Ford, love to tell you about new vehicles because we know how exciting new models can be. One vehicle we are excited to talk about is the new Ford Focus RS and its many design features.

Design Features of the Focus RS

A good design not only makes your stand out amongst other drivers in Lafayette, but it also helps improve things like drivability and resale value.

The following are a few design features you might want to know:
  • Blend between car and truck
  • Sport-like design, making the hatchback attractive
  • Suspension variances, giving it a powerful look
  • Next level aerodynamics that are great
  • A rugged front grill that helps aerodynamics
These are just some of the features that make the Ford Focus RS stand out amongst the rest, but there is much more. Go ahead and schedule a test drive so you can find out more about this vehicle.



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