The Ford Escape has several tools that enhance its handling during towing routines. However, its Intelligent 4WD System and Curve Control provide big advantages.

Ford's Intelligent 4WD system tracks traction underneath the Escape's rear wheels. Although the road conditions always change, this system doesn't slow down as it monitors the terrain. Thanks to its rapid scanning capabilities, it detects changes within a few short milliseconds. If the rear wheels need more power, the 4WD system will transfer power from the front wheels. This process happens during normal driving situations and when the Escape pulls cargo. If you drive an Escape with or without cargo around a curve, the Intelligent 4WD System will give specific wheels proper traction while Curve Control takes strategic steps to boost safety. Curve Control never lets the Escape drift quickly around a curve because it uses advanced technology to decrease high engine speeds during cornering situations.

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