No other heavy-duty pickup truck in North America matches the versatility of the Ford Super Duty. We at Mike Raisor Ford will explain to clients from Lafayette how this full-size model runs on several different fuels. If you get the standard 6.2 L FFV engine, you can fill the fuel tank with premium unleaded gas. You may add a special package to make the V8 powertrain compatible with compressed natural gas, which offers much better efficiency on the road. The optional package also gives you the chance to fill the tank with liquid propane.

Do you prefer a powertrain that uses diesel? Get the Power Stroke engine for the Super Duty. Capable of delivering more than 930 pound-feet of net torque, the turbocharged I-6 system also accepts B20 fuel that's optimized for efficient and powerful combustion. You'll also get a major boost from a diesel exhaust brake when driving on sloped roads and hills.



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