When it comes to durability, the popular Ford Super Duty leads the heavy-duty segment. That's why more and more people are choosing the Super Duty. Here's a look at why the Ford Super Duty is a top choice.

The testers at Ford have driven the Super Duty over 20 million miles. That means the Ford Super Duty has been stress tested over every terrain and every weather conditions to ensure that you get a truck that will outlast the rest.

No matter where you are on the planet, the Ford Super Duty will be able to thrive. That's because the Ford Super Duty has been testing in -20 degree weather up to 120 degree driving conditions. Go ahead and take the Super Duty anywhere. It can handle it.

Take the Ford Super Duty for a test drive at Mike Raisor Ford in Lafayette. You will get more than you'd expect from this top heavy-duty truck.


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